Each type of our flour lines utilizes the same varieties of wheat for milling throughout the year and from one crop to the next for a very consistent baking quality. This is achieved because protein quality is developed through natural breeding of those varieties and protein quality is directly related to baking quality. We invite you to find the many ways these flours can create uniqueness to your finished baked goods.

Shepherd's Grain Enriched Unbleached Low Gluten Strength Flour

(ADM #810207)

Shepherd's Grain low-gluten is an All Purpose flour that works in sheeted dough and formed dough products. This flour comes from our hard red winter wheat production and has a wide variety of uses. Our flavor profile remains constant to give you greater customer satisfaction.

Shepherd's Grain Enriched Unbleached High Gluten Strength Flour

(ADM #804204)

Shepherd’s Grain hi-gluten flour is a premium quality flour from a blend of varieties of Dark Northern Spring wheat. Even though this flour has very strong gluten strength it is very forgiving and has a high workability in your dough. The flavor profile is unique and has been referred to as a “sweet wheat flavor”. This is an excellent flour for products requiring high gluten strength such as bagels and artisan breads.

Shepherd's Grain Whole Wheat Flour

(ADM #808203)

Shepherd’s Grain whole wheat flour is milled from the same wheat comprising our high-gluten flour. The traditional strong or bitter flavor of whole wheat flour is simply not there but replaced with our distinctive sweet flavor. We are happy to have this line of flour available to give you a complete line of flours for all your baking needs.

Shepherd's Grain Bleached Fine Cake Flour 

(ADM #816207)

Shepherd's Grain cake flour coming from Soft White Winter wheat contains the low ash and low protein you expect in a cake flour. Its primary use is for cupcakes and other cake products. 

Shepherd's Grain Unbleached Pastry Flour

(ADM #816208)

Shepherd’s Grain pastry flour comes from the traditional soft white wheat grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Shepherd's Grain Durum Semolina

(UPC #89504200030)

This product is from an area of southern Alberta, Canada which has grown some of the best durum for many years. The producers are long term no-tillers reacting to the severe wind erosion and shallow soils that beleaguered their farms over 30 years ago.  It is great to be involved with such sustainable committed producers and quality durum producers.  Shepherd's Grain Durum Semolina is milled at P&H Milling in Lethbridge, AB who is known for their high milling standards. They produce a semolina with a desirable golden color, very consistent in pasta production quality and passing through a ultra modern color sorter to create less "speckiness".  It is Kosher approved with a 12 month shelf life.  It is enriched to meet US standards and is a product of Canada.  It is sold in 50# bags.

Shepherd's Grain/Krusteaz Professional

New Krusteaz Shepherd's Grain Baking and Griddle Mixes are made with premium flour from Shepherd's Grain wheat that has been farmed using sustainable practices.