Media Contact

Reporters, journalists and authors desiring to speak with innovators on the forefront of sustainable agriculture and locally-grown products are welcome to contact us for information and interviews.

Shepherd's Grain

Mailing Address:

650 NE Holladay Street, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97232

Street Address:

650 NE Holladay Street, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97232


General Manager: Mike Moran, 503.572.5401

NW Marketing Manager: Debbie Danekas, 425.275.3247

Business Manager: Lexie Kupers, 509.348.0374


Video and Audio Clips

It's one thing to read about Shepherd's Grain and our sustainable farming practices but quite another thing to see and hear about what our growers are doing. You can view online videos about Shepherd's Grain on our YouTube Channel and listen to audio clips at the links below:

• "America's Heartland" PBS Presentation on YouTube

• "Baker Meets Shepherd's Grain Farmer, Clint Zenner" Tom Fitzgerald on YouTube

Shepherd's Grain Licensing Agreement

Shepherd's Grain has developed a visual identity and language relating to the company. In order to use trademarked images and language it is critical to follow the proper licensing guidelines. Click here to download a PDF stating the hows and whys of using Shepherd's Grain brand assets.