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Shepherd’s Grain was born in 2003 and carries on a tradition that reaches back generations. Our growers are our owners, most of them working land that’s been in their families since the early 1900’s or before. We mix timeless values and traditions with a modern-day commitment to preserve our planet for generations to come. 

Sustaining our family tradition is intimately connected to sustaining the earth that enables our livelihood. Co-founders Fred Fleming and Karl Kupers envisioned a better farming model that regenerates our most precious asset, our planet. 

They started Shepherd’s Grain to promote no-till, direct-seed farming so they could renew and preserve the land for generations to come – theirs and yours. They knew that better soil makes for richer grain, which produces flour that bakes better and tastes better.

As Fred says, when you bake with Shepherd’s Grain or support the many institutions who choose us, you “become a food activist and a disciple to save the family farm.”

Our Find Your Grower feature reinforces our commitment to renew the relationship between consumers and the farmers who grow their food. We want you to get to know the men and women who build the Shepherd’s Grain tradition today. 

Each grower is certified by Food Alliance™ for sustainability and complies with our strict standards for land improvement. When you enjoy Shepherd’s Grain, you become a steward of the land and part of the story we’re still writing for future generations. And, you get the tastiest flour possible. 

Shepherd’s Grain. It’s for us, it’s for the planet, and it’s for you. 

Our Commitment




Shepherd’s Grain growers are committed to growing the best wheat in the best way possible. When you bake at home with Shepherd’s Grain or enjoy products from bakers and restaurateurs who use our flour, you become a shepherd of our planet, preserving land for future generations.



Quality Focused

You never have to choose between what is good and what is good for you, or what is good for the earth we all share. From planting to growing to milling, we go above and beyond the industry's quality standards at every step.


Our farming starts with our commitment to be shepherds of the land and we take special care as we plant and care for our crops. Strict standards hold us accountable as we grow so we grow the best and preserve the land. We are so proud of our work that every bag we sell lets you Find Your Grower and learn more about the values that drive us to grow for you.


We love what we do and we love to share that love. There’s no part of our process that we’re not open about. When you enjoy delicious baked goods made with Shepherd’s Grain you should feel connected to the land and our family of growers and committed professionals. 

The Process





Sustainable, No-Till Farming

From beasts of burden to modern heavy equipment, tilling the soil has been part of farming for millennia. Cutting deep grooves and turning soil is how many farms still operate. Unfortunately, this increases soil erosion and depletes nutrients, preventing Mother Nature from replenishing the earth.

Shepherd’s Grain farmers are on the forefront of a better approach. Our commitment to no-till, direct-seed farming goes beyond sustaining the land to truly regenerating nutrients. We are stewards protecting the land for new generations and testing methods like crop rotation, cover crops, and more to work better with nature. Our growers are certified sustainable by the Food Alliance, assuring you get the best flour made from the best grains, because it’s grown on the best land.

Soil Health

Erosion is the natural process of soil being moved by wind, water, or gravity. It’s also one of the biggest enemies of farmers, because rich, healthy soil full of nutrients is the lifeblood of the crops being grown.

Soil doesn’t just hold roots in place, it stores water and nutrients to nourish crops. Healthier soil means healthier and more nutritious food. This is why Shepherd’s Grain farmers invest time, energy, and agricultural science to improve soil health. It’s all for you – to improve the grain that makes the flour you bake with and enjoy with friends and family.



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