Your name and your farm:

Brett & Jillann Poxleitner
Pox Farms

Location of your farm:

Six miles southwest of Genesee, ID on the rim area above the Clearwater River.

History of your farm:

Jillann's Great Great Grandfather, Jacob Blume purchased the farm in the late 1880's. It has been passed down to the 5th generation. We started farming our century farm in 2013 when Jillann's father, Kurt retired.

Why do you think direct seeding is important to the future of agriculture?

It is the farmer’s responsibility to preserve, the land, and our natural resource for future generations, by reducing soil erosion, improving soil quality, enhancing wildlife habitat with cleaner water and air. Direct seeding practices enable us to do this.

Why are you involved with Shepherd’s Grain?

We know our grain is going to a healthier end product from which the consumer can benefit. It is rewarding to meet and interrelate with the end users of our products. We feel this is an opportunity for farms that are willing to take the extra steps to invest in the future of the next generations.

Why do you think it is important to develop relationships between the grower and Shepherd’s Grain customers?

This is so important; customers want to know where their food comes from and how it is processed. They are interested in the farming process from the field to the table. We have met so many customers who are truly excited to hear the "Shepherds Grain" story and to actually visit the farms. It makes it all worthwhile.

Our family is excited to produce crops grown in a sustainable cropping system for customers of Shepherd’s Grain. This provides environmentally-conscious and nutritious food with a positive economic outcome for all parties involved.