Your name and your farm:

David & Margaret Dobbins
Bryan & Carolyn Dobbins
Hill View Farms JV.

Location of your farm:

Cheney, WA

History of your farm:

Glenn Dobbins started the farm in 1957 with a firm handshake and an entrepreneurial spirit. His son Bryan worked on the farm growing up and entered into a partnership with Glenn after college. Slowly the two procured more leases, and eventually Bryan’s son David replaced Glenn as co-owner. Glenn’s leadership in innovation shifted the farm toward direct seeding over two decades ago when the practice was far from popular or well polished. Since then the family has been improving the method with increased education and an open mind for change.

Why do you think direct seeding is important to the future of agriculture?

As caretakers of the land, moisture and soil retention are top priorities to us. Direct seeding and diverse crop rotation encourage natural cycles of decomposition and new plant life.

Why are you involved with Shepherd’s Grain?

Collaboration and education is important for keeping our operations progressive and sustainable. We are proud to produce crops directly for the market place, rather than selling to a big company and not knowing how or where it is used. We are devoted to keeping the growing process transparent to our buyers.

Why do you think it is important to develop relationships between the grower and Shepherd’s Grain customers?

Our customers care about what they eat and how it’s produced, so it’s crucial to trust those of us who produce their food. Both parties are invested in sustainable farming which makes it a valuable relationship.