Your name and your farm

Tom & Wendy Zwainz
Z&Z Farms

Location of your farm

Reardan, WA & Colfax, WA

History of your farm

We are 4th Generation farmers of a family farm that started in 1887. We have been Direct Seeding since the middle 1990’s.

Why do you think direct seeding is important to the future of agriculture?

It’s all about soil erosion—it’s the only way to control it in a crop production system in a highly erodible land.

Why are you involved with Shepherd’s Grain?

It’s another marketing opportunity, with specific customers, and it makes sense since we are already doing direct seeding. We recognize and appreciate the potential market available, and that people are willing to pay for a product that is Identity Preserved. We are logistically set up to efficiently market into the milling process and this is a great domestic marketing opportunity.

Why do you think it is important to develop relationships between the grower and Shepherd’s Grain customers?

Working with Shepherd’s Grain is an opportunity to service our wheat to a market that desires it within this region.