Your name and your farm:

Brummelhuis Family Farm

Location of your farm:

Rainier, Alberta, Canada

History of your farm:

We are 2nd generation farmers, who came to Canada in 1984 from Holland. As a manager of the farm estate, I see myself as a link in a long line of keepers who manage the resource for a short while and then hand it to the next generation in better shape.

Why do you think direct seeding is important to the future of agriculture?

Initially no-till was practiced to combat wind erosion. We stayed with it for economical reasons. In the future, I see the end of the chemical revolution.

If you view food production symbolized as a house, no-till and crop rotation are the foundation. Crop diversity within and between crop species is the framework. The roof and siding come from crop inputs and the farmer serves as the contractor. Conventional agriculture is like building a beautiful house with no foundation. it just won't stand.