Shepherd's Grain Enriched Unbleached Low Gluten Strength Flour  (ADM #810207)

Shepherd's Grain low gluten flour is a unique premium flour produced from Hard Red Winter wheat. Shepherd’s Grain low gluten is a truly “all purpose” flour.  From high hydration fermented products to biscuits and quick-breads, the flavor and forgiveness of our low gluten is used by pizza makers to pastry chefs.

Shepherd's Grain Enriched Unbleached High Gluten Strength Flour  (ADM #804204)

Shepherd’s Grain hi-gluten flour is a premium strong flour from a blend of varieties of Dark Northern Spring wheat. Spring wheats are the strongest produced, with high protein levels and a strength that is described by bakers as “bucky”, reminiscent of a long horned sheep in the spring season. Its complexity is best served in bagels, traditional pretzels and any application that benefits from a strong dough and/or a long fermentation. It is also a great blending flour with Shepherd’s Grain low gluten when a little more strength is needed for things like laminated doughs and pizza. 

Shepherd's Grain Whole Wheat Flour  (ADM #808203)

Shepherd’s Grain whole wheat flour is milled from the same spring wheat used for our high-gluten flour. As a whole grain flour, our whole wheat has the strength of the high-gluten with the added rich flavors and dietary fiber of the germ and bran. Like the High Gluten flour, the whole wheat not only tolerates a long fermentation, it wants it. With high absorption and a rich nutty flavor, Shepherd’s Grain Whole Wheat will satisfy the most discerning whole grain enthusiast.

Shepherd's Grain Unbleached Pastry Flour  (ADM #816208)

Shepherd’s Grain premium pastry flour is a blend of the soft white wheats that the Pacific Northwest is recognized for. Like our other flour blends, we select superior varieties and blend them for a consistent high quality pastry flour.  Used in pie doughs and other confections throughout the Northwest, Shepherd’s Grain pastry flour is a staple of the selective pastry chef. 

Shepherd's Grain Bleached Fine Cake Flour  (ADM #816207)

This cake flour is milled from the same traditional Soft White wheat used in our pastry flour.  Our cake flour is essentially the same as our pastry flour, with an added step to enhance performance for the most delicate cakes and other light confections. Jody Hall, owner of Cupcake Royale states, "not only is the product amazingly delicious, but it's sustainable too."

Shepherd's Grain Durum Semolina  (UPC #89504200030)

Grown in southern Alberta, Canada in the area around Lethbridge, which is known for growing some of the best durum in the world.  Shepherd's Grain Durum wheat consistently exceeds other products in color, flavor and functionality. Shepherd’s Grain produces a semolina with high water absorption, a lovely golden color, and is touted by users as very consistent for producing high quality and favorable pasta. 

Shepherd's Grain Brown Flax Seed  (SI13326N)

Shepherd's Grain is excited to now offer whole brown flax seed to our product line.  This sustainably grown flax seed is the perfect addition to bread and bagel dough.  We offer our flax in 25 lb bags.