2/12/13, 5:33 PM

@ShepherdsGrain Your flour makes the most amazing pizza dough! Who sells it commercially in PDX? We would love to use it! #greatproduct

Borrowed Kitchen Bakery

Hi my name is Lacey Anders, I own a small bakery in Kingston Wa. We just started using your flour last week! We are really excited about it:) I talked to Karl on the phone last week because we tried to print up a grower information based on the flour we had but he didn't have the information yet. The number we have is 3-008 and it's a high gluten flour.

We also would love to get some more propaganda from you. Maybe a cool poster or something we can hang up in our bakery?

Borrowed Kitchen Bakery

Sojourners Restaurant, Chelan, Wash.


Hello! I am partner with my Father at Sojourners Restaurant in Chelan Wa. We bake our own bread every day for our hoagies, and I prepare all the cold fermented pizza dough that we use for our pizzas and garlic knots. We have been using Harvest King by GM, but We recently decided to switch to Shep Grain. I'm really excited to be apart of Shepherd's Grain and local, direct seed wheat, which has real emphasis on things other than money. Shep Grain really feels like a wholesome and meaningful endeavor, and I just wanted to email you and say thank you for doing something with purpose other than just money. In a world that will alter even the most simple things just to make a buck, it's so cool to see people moving forward by going back to more wholesome and responsible ways of doing things. At Sojourners we are closed 3 days of the week, even during the Summer. We do this because we are family owned and run, and we've learned that restaurants can really overtake your life and family if you let them. So where we sacrifice some money and business, we gain our lives back, and relationship with our town and customers who become friends. Give us a Google and see what we're about. I just wanted to Email you and tell you that we appreciate your efforts and great product that takes care of our local people, businesses, relationships, environment, and food. Blessings!


Kelli Heidtmann

i am a baker in port townsend washington...i make and sell sweet and savory pies...i use all local ingredients for my fillings...and i use shepherd's grain flour...for the same reasons as this post bakery is called CRUST...come see us at the port townsend farmer's market!

David Blaine, Owner/Chef of Central Food, Spokane, Wash.


I have been working with Shepherd's Grain flour in restaurant kitchens in Spokane for over ten years. When I made the decision to open a restaurant with artisan bread as the centerpiece of the concept I did a lot of research. What I discovered was that all of the bread bakeries I admired from Missoula to Seattle to Portland used Shepherd's Grain. The results are exactly what we had hoped for. The great thing about Shepherd's Grain is that it not only is a good product but is a collective of good people. I am lucky to know Fred and Karl as well as many of the farmers producing the flour. I have been on many of the Shepherd's Grain farms and even enjoyed meals with these people that provide us the most important ingredient we buy. I could not imagine using any other flour.

Kevin Knight of Anjou Bakery


Just wanted to let you guys know that we are now 100% Shepherd’s Grain and lovin’ it. We’ve been using the whole wheat in our Fruit Nut Corstini for several years and the low gluten for pie and pastry doughs. Now we are using the low gluten for our bread and croissant and ordered the unbleached pastry flour for pie/pastry products.

Home Baker Becky Carlson IsIeri


I love this flour. I bake a lot and made a total of 20 doz. cinnamon rolls with it since October. YUM! It bakes the best and the texture is to die for.