November 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on November 11, 2011

I am going to tackle an issue that has needed attention for some time. I have not been ducking the need, just haven’t had the right mindset to delve into it.

October 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on October 24, 2011

I know I have discussed the following before but sometimes thoughts bear repeating. I did not spend time going through the archive to see when I discussed the thought of how “team” has had such an influence on Shepherd’s Grain but it certainly seems appropriate to be repetitive.

Transparency, Trust & Truthfulness

By Karl Kupers on October 06, 2011

Transparency, trust, truthfulness are three cornerstones of Shepherd’s Grain. I was introduced to a new term that may encompass them all and it is authenticity. The word came in conjunction with an invite to a conference titled: “Authenticity—Building trust through Sustainable Business.

August 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on August 30, 2011

The difficulty in taking a month off from writing a newsletter is you either (a) forgot how to, or (b) have too many ideas to choose just one. I will let you decide which dilemma I am suffering from.

July 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on July 26, 2011

This is a short statement to notify you of a temporary change in our Food Alliance status.

June 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on July 07, 2011

As we approach the Day of Independence for the United States I am reminded of the independence Shepherd’s Grain has in pricing our farmer’s wheat crop.

May 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on May 27, 2011

For all those residing within the Pacific Northwest, you are familiar with the weather pattern that has kept the area in a near winter wonderland through April with some significant snowfall in the northern Spokane region just last week.

April 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on April 27, 2011

Within the last month our Federal government was describing a potential shutdown and stating that “non-essential” employees would be the first affected. That of course brought forward the thought; if they are non-essential then why are they employed in the first place.

March 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on March 16, 2011

As farmers we fall in love with (or not) and respect Mother Nature especially when you are a dryland producer. One thing that you quickly learn is it can have some powerful forces and we just witnessed one in Japan.


By Karl Kupers on February 24, 2011

Globalization has affected most if not all of our lives. The products we buy are made in far away places, the information we are able to know instantly has no borders, and the food we eat can come from anywhere on the planet.