July 2011 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on July 26, 2011

This is a short statement to notify you of a temporary change in our Food Alliance status. Due to an increase in the demand for Shepherd’s Grain hi-gluten and Whole Wheat flours combined with a delayed harvest we need to blend some commodity wheat with our Shepherd’s Grain wheat to complete this crop year’s flour needs.

Our harvest is nearly three weeks late because of cool wet weather throughout the spring and early summer. This delay has been a significant part in the need to supplement our current remaining bushels of Shepherd’s Grain DNS with common high protein wheat purchased from the mill.

We do not expect this to create a significant difference in the performance of the flour although it may not contain the same excellent flavor profile. We hope to have the new crop inventory on hand in less than a month.

The blended product is in bags dated 1-203 or higher. You will note a sticker on these bags stating the temporary non qualification for Food Alliance on the finished product. Our Shepherd’s Grain producers are still all Food Alliance certified and this does not change that status at all.

Once the sticker is no longer visible on the bags you will know it is 100% SG wheat converted into the excellent flour you expect.

Thank you for your continued support of Shepherd’s Grain and our family of producers.