A new time in Shepherd’s Grain with a new web design

By Karl Kupers on April 20, 2012

As many of you know I have always called this my “almost” monthly newsletter and that occurred this past month.  I know from a sportsman view why they call March “Madness” but I believe it had that same connotation for Shepherd’s Grain.  March went by quickly as all the management team was extremely busy with travel, shows, and marketing calls.  So the March newsletter got passed over. 

Secondly, as we approach a new time in Shepherd’s Grain with a new web design, it is desired that I do not call these newsletters but let the topic be the heading.  I am not sure how that is fitting with my style but I will write the “newsletter” and let someone else title it. 

The good news is we are hoping to launch our new web site within the next week.  We are very excited as this new design has opened up not only the size of our site but new ways for us to convey the good things going on within Shepherd’s Grain.  One of the key components will be a new page highlighting all (or as many as we know of) the places Shepherd’s Grain flour is being used in the finished product as well as where you can buy the flour.  I say page but it will be multiple pages sorted by geographic areas.  This new design, done by Klundt/Hosmer from Spokane, will also allow us to manage the contents and any and all changes.  This is very exciting as we should be much more nimble in keeping the site fresh and with up to the minute new customers.  This is our third revision of our web site and each time it is only because technology has outpaced the previous format.  Our last site was always being complimented on but it was not able to be expanded like the new format allows.

I know most of our marketing area has had a very wet spring, and fortunately, so has our production area.  What was looking a bit on the bleak side as the Spokane area recorded the driest December in history, this past month the same area recorded the wettest March in history.  Evidently Mother Nature is working from the same plan as the commodity markets.  Extremism in the peaks and valleys of the weather are mimicking the same peaks and valleys of the commodity markets.  The good news is, no-till agriculture can handle these variances better than any other type of production system so our growers are feeling good about the outcome as of this writing. 

As always, we are very appreciative of the support from our customers as well as our agriculture sustainability friends.

Thank you from the food producers known as Shepherd’s Grain.