January 2012 Newsletter

By Karl Kupers on January 25, 2012

A brand New Year is once again being written on all documents (and checks) and hopefully only a few times as 2011. Once you put the month ahead of the year you are quickly reminded to write it correctly.

I, like so many, have set some objectives I would like to accomplish this year. I do not count them as “resolutions” but more along the line of “hopeful achievements”. Much of my thinking is how will I get these multiple goals done as well as simply maintain my current list of still hopeful achievements. Then it became clear as I was preparing a new Julian date calendar to put in the back of my working journal. I get one more day this year to “get er done”. It is a Leap year which provides one more day in February. Have you made plans for what you are going to do with this extra day? We have become accustomed to the one hour that we lose in the spring and the one we gain back in the fall but that occurs in the middle of the night so generally only affects our sleep. Only once every four years are we allowed to gain a day and so far we never have to give it back.

This year February 29th is on a Wednesday so it truly is an extra day to aid all who are falling behind in their tasks or who are well planned and can create something new. I am currently planning on creating something new. We have an opportunity to work with some potential producers of Shepherd’s Grain products from a different region and I am planning on meeting with them around this date. This is one of the hopeful achievements we in Shepherd’s Grain are hoping to create. We are still very focused on our current customers and presenting them new ideas in marketing Shepherd’s Grain. We expect to launch a new web site later this spring which is expected to aid us in showcasing our programs as well as the many customers that support our family of producers. We are studying a further expansion of our marketing area, still within the focus of the Western United States. We are steadfastly planting the seed of why a baker or chef should be using Shepherd’s Grain flour products because for many it takes a bit of time for that seed to grow into a real purchase.

We do not plan on getting this all done on the 29th but it will certainly be a day we utilize to enhance the Shepherd’s Grain brand. Life is short and when we get an extra day we definitely need to spend it doing what we love. Working to expand the goals of Shepherd’s Grain is just that.

As always, thank you for your support of Shepherd’s Grain and our family of Producers.