October Happenings

By Karl Kupers on October 01, 2012

Some days the idea of writing a newsletter seems so easy. Other days not so much and hence the name “almost monthly” newsletters. However I do have some time so I should make an effort for we do have a lot happening within the company.First, we have a new employee coming on October 1st as a Grower and Logistics Specialist. Fred has been spearheading this side of our business dealing with our producer base and managing the logistics of storage and transportation to the mill. This side of our business, driven by the demand of the marketing side, has grown to maintaining contracts with over 40 producers from the three state region known as the Pacific Northwest. This growth, coupled with the current management he has with his farm and seed company, has simply outpaced, from his vision, the time commitment needed. We look forward to welcoming this new person to our management team and improving our communications with and solicitation of producers across the region committing grain to market through Shepherd’s Grain.A second event is we are moving our primary office to Portland Oregon. As many of you know, my wife Lexie and I work together providing general management and financial management for the company. We have the ability to work virtually but we feel it is necessary to have a physical presence and especially in one of our primary markets, Portland. This event will develop over the next couple months and we are looking forward to making a pretty significant cultural change to a couple rural lifetime residents. A third event is an upcoming farm tour. We are inviting our customers to join us on busses out of Seattle and Portland to visit a SG farm just south of The Dalles Oregon. The tour is October 10th and if you are interested please contact Debbie Danekas at debbie@shepherdsgrain.com if you would come from Seattle and karl@shepherdsgrain.com if you would come from Portland. We still have a few seats open and would encourage you to come tour with us. The program of the tour is to showcase some of the new features to the production system we utilize producing Shepherd’s Grain wheat. Please contact us for more details. Well for not having too much to say it seems the page is coming to an end. I know I finish always with thank you for your support but it is really important every day to reach out and appreciate those that trust what you do by purchasing your products.Thank you for your support of our family of food producers, the Shepherd’s Grain family of farms.

Sincerely,The Shepherd’s Grain Producers