“Why Direct Seed, Why Shepherd’s Grain?

By Karl Kupers on June 08, 2012

As noted in a previous newsletter we have been working on a new website for Shepherd’s Grain. I can now announce that it is up and running. Same access as before but an expanded look at our program. We still have our spotlight page now titled “Find your grower” utilizing the existing Julian date on the 50# bags of flour. In addition we have some new photos and storylines of our producer group. Under the “Our Growers” page you will see a listing of producers within our family of farms and when you click on the name a profile and picture will appear. You also can click on a tab below the picture if you would like to “thank” your producer by sending them an email.

I want to focus this newsletter on some of the great quotes to one of the three questions. The questions are, “Why Direct Seed, Why Shepherd’s Grain, and Why are these relationships important”. In this I will focus on “Why do you think Direct Seeding is important to the future of agriculture.” Here is a sample of some responses. I will encourage you to go to the new site and find not only these quotes but review many of the producer’s profiles. You will also find a page that lists the many places our products can be found either in finished products or in retail form. As always, thank you for the support of Shepherd’s Grain and our farm families. Read on and visit www.shepherdsgrain.com.

• Outside of our time, we feel that our topsoil is our most valuable resource

• The no-till seeding creates the living organic matter to nourish the crop and potentially reduce the uses of fertilizers.

• This virtually eliminates water and wind erosion and helps us to turn “dirt” back into healthy soil.

• Improving the soil health for the long-term has been our priority.

• The plow is more destructive than the sword. We are but a small step to a future where we are in nature, part of the process, enhancing what we use.

• Soil is our most important asset in this country. We must do the best we can to conserve it - at the same time making it as productive as possible to feed a hungry growing world population.

• Civilizations have disappeared because of the loss of topsoil. It builds back but at a very slow rate. I can honestly say its building back on our farm because of direct seeding.

• I also believe that if we don't do something to create and restore soil (as the last generation pulverized the heck out of it), that we won't have any left.

• The soil is the heart and soul of agriculture; without good soil there will be no future in agriculture

• Direct seeding is the key to a sustainable cropping system; nothing else exists that will control water quality, air quality, soil quality, wildlife habitat and contribute to off-site public benefits like a fully integrated direct seed cropping system.