By Karl Kupers on August 19, 2013

How much time can you spend on reflecting the past when you are engrossed in the now?

Reflections. How much time can you spend on reflecting the past when you are engrossed in the now? How important are reflections in guiding your future? I was reminded today, while on a call asking me to reflect on Shepherd’s Grain, how important it is to take the time to reflect as it can easily be the basis by which you guide your future. The tyranny of the urgent as Fred always calls it certainly can dictate how much time or even willingness one has to reflect on where you have been.

The point of reflection that even caught me by surprise was the realization of how important the social component of sustainability is. As the caller was posing the question of how important are the other values associated with sustainability other than environment or economics I immediately answered it was the socially just component. After a few thoughts on this I did however explain that I am still a very entrepreneurial directed individual and not so altruistic to ignore the strength of economics in any sustainable program. However I went on to explain that the economic and environmental components can and have been pitted against each other and only when you add the social or community involvement do the two showcase their combined strength. It was interesting as I reviewed the past 10 years of Shepherd’s Grain and the 20 years before making changes within my farming objectives that I became even more committed to the next 10 years of Shepherd’s Grain. So I did answer my own questions of time and importance of reflecting. Yes that time is very important and I probably should actually set some time aside every once in awhile to be reflective. Take a moment and reflect on your past to see how it may impact your future. Certainly reminding us all of “how what we do” impacts so many will be part of that reflection and one that probably should be thought of daily. As you travel and now see everyone’s head down and into their “smart” phone the need to recognize how you impact your surroundings is strikingly clear. Reflecting on the time taken with your family recently can be a positive or not and if not should rise to the extreme top of priorities.

No matter the value you put on those reflections it is always a pleasure to thank you for supporting Shepherd’s Grain and our family of food producers.