Shepherd’s Grain Southern California Partnership

By Karl Kupers on April 12, 2013

Shepherd’s Grain is set to provide sustalnable, traceable, California-grown wheat to Gold Star Foods.

Why is Shepherd’s Grain in Southern California?

The concept of Shepherd’s Grain has always been based on the holistic value of implementing a sustainable production/marketing system before moving the product. With that as a background, we have built a relationship with ADM with the commitment that anywhere an ADM milling facility is located, Shepherd's Grain can bring our system into that area.

The southern California market makes sense based on its size, the recognition like all other west coast cities of greatly respecting the value of sustainable food production, and the infrastructure that already existed for this type of program.

Shepherd's Grain has a working relationship with Penny Newman out of Fresno, California who has a rich history with UC Davis and producers all the way south to the Mexican border producing grain in their rotation. Combining that with the ADM milling access in Los Angeles has created a perfect scenario. 

The combination of Shepherd's Grain's simple, common sense values and goals developed within Shepherd's Grain are transferrable to safe, reliable, local, value chain food production and delivery system in all cultural settings. We look to find people with like needs and desires in order to create partnerships around those values. We have found that partnership through our southern California value chain and Gold Star Foods.

How will the transition work?

Shepherd's Grain is able to make this move to the southern California area because our Pacific Northwest values are similar to the values of both producers and consumers in California. In this region, Shepherd's Grain and our partners will:

  • Reconnect the farmer to the consumer and do so with a commitment to environmental, social, and economic success at the producer level.
  • Convey that story through the markeplace to the consumer and create a value chain of processors, distributors, and bakers. As part of our pledge we state, “At each stage of the value chain, our partners are treated well and held accountable for quality.”
  • Build a market demand that rewards the best environmental agronomics available in each geographic region.
  • Enable consumers to become food activists. Through their purchase of products made with Shepherd’s Grain, consumers can ensure that social and economic values are conveyed back to the producer.

When will this happen?

As shared in Gold Star Foods' press release, the program is slated to begin after the 2013 grain harvest in California.

We are proud that under the direction of Gold Star Foods, these locally grown, locally milled and locally baked products will be feeding children through the LAUSD School Meal Program. Since student-learning abilities are directly tied to a healthy diet, Shepherd's Grain and Gold Star Foods are pleased to deliver high-quality products to meet this need.

Click here to read a press release from Gold Star Foods in PDF format.