NURTURE All-Purpose Flour



All-Purpose Flour

Produced from a blend of Soft White Wheat and Hard Red Winter Wheat, Shepherd's Grain NURTURE is a unique premium flour made from varieties of the highest end-use quality. This all-purpose flour has a lower gluten content than our PROOF Bread Flour, but is versatile, and perfect for making a number of baked goods or cooking applications. NURTURE works great for breads, biscuits, muffins, cakes, cookies, and coatings. Any recipe that calls for all-purpose flour... NURTURE is the perfect fit.
(Grain Craft #8630050)


Target Specifications

Moisture: 14%

Ash: 0.50%

Protein: 10.0%

Falling Number: 275

Absorption: 56.0

Peak Time: 6.0

Stability: 8.0

MTI: 30

Full Product Specification & Technical Data Sheet