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Shepherd's Grain: Superior Quality and Consistency



With six wheat flours and one flax seed option, Shepherd’s Grain has everything a professional or home baker needs to make something delicious. Use the best tasting and highest quality flours, sustainably grown by farmers committed to regenerating the land.

Our flours come in 50 lb. bags, and our All-Purpose and Whole Wheat are also available in a 5 lb. bag for home bakers. Find retailers near you that have the good taste to carry Shepherd’s Grain.

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All Flour Products

Enriched Unbleached High Gluten Strength Flour

High in protein, Shepherd’s Grain Hi-Gluten Flour is a premium strong flour made from a blend of Dark Northern Spring wheat varieties. Spring wheats are the strongest produced and are described by bakers as “bucky” (reminiscent of a long-horned sheep in the spring season). Its complexity is best served in bagels, traditional pretzels, and other treats that need a strong dough and/or a long fermentation. Experiment blending with our Low-Gluten Flour.
(ADM #804204)


Great for: Artisan breads, pretzels, bagels, biscuits, pizza crust, quick breads, pasta, dusting flour, and as a thickening agent.

You can also experiment blending with our low gluten flour.

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag


Enriched Unbleached Low Gluten Strength Flour 

Produced from Hard Red Winter Wheat, Shepherd's Grain Low-Gluten Flour is a unique premium flour. Used as an “all purpose” flour, the flavor and forgiveness of the Low-Gluten Flour is great for high-hydration fermented products and most baked goods.
(ADM #810207)


Great for: Cakes, biscuits, pizza crust, quick breads, cookies, pasta, dusting flour, and as a thickening agent.

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag or 5 lb. bag


Whole Wheat Flour

The same Dark Northern Spring Wheat in our Hi-Gluten is milled to produce our Whole Wheat Flour. This whole grain flour is strong with added rich flavors and dietary fiber. Not only does it tolerate long fermentation, Whole Wheat Flour wants it. With high absorption and a rich, nutty flavor, Shepherd’s Grain Whole Wheat satisfies even the most discerning whole grain enthusiasts.
(ADM #808203)


Great for: Pizza crust, cookies, pasta, dusting flour, as a thickening agent and used in breads.

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag or 5 lb. bag


Unbleached Pastry Flour

Shepherd’s Grain premium pastry flour is a blend of renowned soft white wheats. Like our other flour blends, we select superior varieties and blend them for consistent high quality pastry flour.  Used in pie doughs and other confections, Shepherd’s Grain pastry flour is a staple of the discerning pastry chef.
(ADM #816208)

(ADM LA #817215)

Great for: Pastries like puffs, croissants, eclairs, cannoli, strudels, and more.

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag


Fine Cake Flour

Milled from the same traditional Soft White Wheat used in our pastry flour, our cake flour is essentially the same with an added step that enhances performance for the most delicate cakes and other light confections. As Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall says, "Not only is the product amazingly delicious, it's sustainable, too!"
(ADM #816207)

Great for: Fine cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, biscuits, and more.

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag


Brown Flax Seed

Our newest product is our Whole Brown Flax Seed. A great source of fiber and other nutrients, our sustainably grown flax seed is the perfect addition to your bread and bagel doughs.

Great for: Adding into dough of any baked goods, smoothies, veggie burgers, and more.


Available in: 25 lb. bag


Durum Semolina

Grown in southern Alberta, Canada near Lethbridge, which is known for growing some of the best durum in the world. We produce a Semolina with high water absorption, a lovely golden color, and consistent results, especially for high-quality pastas.
(UPC #89504200030)


Great for: Pasta, thick-crust pizza, couscous, and more.

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag


Hard White Whole Wheat Flour

Our Hard White Whole Wheat is not as strong as our Whole Wheat Flour made from Dark Northern Spring wheat varieties, but is perfect for all of the same functions as our Low Gluten Flour. Hard White Whole Wheat Flour preserves all of the nutritional advantages of a whole wheat flour, but has a “whiter” look, and a more mellow flavor. The flavor and appearance will make you wonder if it is really a whole wheat flour!
(ADM LA #807206)

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag


Noodle Flour 

Shepherd’s Grain Noodle Flour is made from a variety of wheat that is ideally suited for noodle production. This flour has the color and texture needed for a variety of noodle applications an is available both enriched and unenriched. Shepherd’s Grain’s ability to identity-preserve wheat allows us to offer specific varieties of wheat flour for specific applications, and that is the case here. Whether you want to produce Udon noodles, Ramen noodles, or fresh noodles, this flour will provide superior performance.
(ADM #817215 Enriched)

(ADM LA #817237 Unenriched)

NonGMO Verified 

Available in: 50 lb. bag