Pioneers In Regenerative Agricultural Wheat Supply Chains

It starts with regenerative farmers...

Since 2003, Shepherd’s Grain has been establishing relationships between food producers who have implemented regenerative agricultural practices with bakeries, food processors, and consumers. Specifically, we work to procure wheat from these 3rd-Party certified sustainable farmers, and we maintain the identity of their wheat from the farm through the milling process.

For flour users that want to source environmentally-friendly ingredients and who want to be a part of the movement to regenerate degraded farm ground into healthy, living soil, there is no greater impact than purchasing directly from these farmers. Shepherd’s Grain is proud to be a 100% farmer-owned company.

A Brief History

It is common to hear that consumers want to know who, where, and how their food is produced. On the other side of the coin, farmers greatly value having connection to where the food they produce ends up, and how it is used. This desire drove Fred & Vicki Fleming and Karl & Lexie Kupers, wheat farmers in Washington State, to start Shepherd’s Grain. But they didn’t simply want to market traceable wheat flour, they wanted to build it upon a solid foundation of environmental sustainability. They were beginning to implement no-till farming practices, diversifying their crop rotations, and paying attention to the health of their soils.

The year 2023 will see Shepherd’s Grain celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary selling flour. It started with Karl & Lexie and Fred & Vicki, but we now purchase wheat from many regenerative farmers across the United States & Canada. Farmers are delighted to work with Shepherd’s Grain because they get recognized for the good work they do in stewarding the land, implementing regenerative practices that are sustainable and risky. They are pioneers in adopting regenerative practices that require management that differs greatly from conventional agriculture.

Grain Craft, the largest independent milling company in the United States, is the exclusive miller of Shepherd’s Grain flours. With 12 mills from coast to coast, Grain Craft provides the highest level of milling expertise and excellent customer service. Shepherd’s Grain is proud to be working with Grain Craft to advance Regenerative Agriculture in the most impactful ways.
Likewise, P&H Milling in Lethbridge, Alberta is the exclusive miller of Shepherd’s Grain Semolina. This family-owned milling company has been a great milling partner with us for years, and we are proud to be working with them to identity-preserve durum wheat from the farms through the milling process.


To build a regenerative supply chain from beginning to end