Pastry Flour




Shepherd’s Grain premium pastry flour is made from high-quality Soft White Wheats. Like our other flours, we select superior varieties and blend them for consistent high quality pastry flour.  Used in pie doughs and other confections, Shepherd’s Grain pastry flour is a staple of the discerning pastry chef. Great for pastries like puffs, croissants, eclairs, cannoli, strudels, and more. We offer both unenriched and enriched Pastry Flour products.

(Grain Craft #8611050) Unenriched Pastry Flour

(Grain Craft #8610050) Enriched Pastry Flour

Target Specifications

Moisture: 13%

Ash: 0.53%

Protein: 10.0%

Falling Number: 300

Unenriched Full Product Specification & Technical Data Sheet

Enriched Full Product Specification & Technical Data Sheet