Shepherd’s Grain’s Regenerative Flour Highlighted in PMQ Pizza Magazine 1.19.23

Agricultural food processors are coming up with all sorts of creative ways to provide services to help farmers invest in regenerative farming practices. But there is nothing more impactful than purchasing these food ingredients directly from those regenerative farms. Shepherd’s Grain is unique in its ability to put together a supply chain that brings direct monetary value to its regenerative farmers based on each pound of flour sold.

Beyond the monetary value that rewards these farmers for doing the right thing for the environment, identity-preserving the wheat from the farm through the milling process allows for superior quality management.

There are many risks associated with adopting agricultural practices that are not conventional. The most impactful way to support regenerative farmers as they take these risks is to buy their flour. Recently, PMQ Pizza Magazine highlighted this in an article about Shepherd’s Grain, which you can read here.